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3 Perfect Days: Let's Make Pour Decisions

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Things are finally beginning to open up, it's summer time & if you're like me, you like to be outside enjoying the weather, plus I'm sure you've spent enough time inside. I'm starting a series called 'Perfect Days' which I will be rolling out within the upcoming weeks. I've created three 'Perfect Day' itineraries, so you can live The Good Life, (see what I did there? 👀) Of course it's plug and play, switch it up to fit you and your comfort level. The itineraries have three different vibes in various cities, this week we are heading to Niagara-On-The Lake. Make sure y'all have your mask packed because these places are not playing, and don't worry they ensure social distancing is always in effect. Here's to Summer 2020 people.

You're a wine connoisseur? Check out these exquisite wineries! What goes best with wine? Charcuterie of course! Tap in to this charcuterie board workshop and conclude the day living your bougiest life at one of the nicest restaurants in Niagara-On-The-Lake!

The Good Earth - Think rustic, enchanted forest, chill vibes. They pride themselves on providing farm-to-table fresh, local food. They are also gearing up to resume their on site cooking class! Wine and cooking? The amount of good vibes is just overwhelming. Okay, okay, not into cooking and just trying to drink? My bad. They have a wine tasting flight of three wines for $10. #savingz The experience is 25 minutes in length. Reservations preferred. Also side note, stop here first as you will pass the area on the way into NOTL.

Château Des Charmes - Hello, just look at this place. It's stunning! They have an amazing selection of wine tasting options all for 20 dollars. They have a food and wine pairing experience, bubbly and popcorn experience, and a cute cheese and wine experience for you to pick from OR you can just do them all. I support you! Each experience is about 45 minutes. I don't think a tasting experience could get any better. Reservations are required.

Reif Estate Winery - Reif offers a walking and tasting tour, they also have a seated tasting option as well! The tour comes with a keepsake vino glass all for 15 dollars. You can also have light nibbles in their outdoor kitchen, drink & sip while the sun kisses your forehead. Experience lengths varies. Prepaid reservations required.

The Charcuterie Board Workshop - Imagine creating your own live edge wooden charcuterie board in the middle of a vineyard, while sipping on wine and eating charcuterie. Not to worry, social distancing measures have been put in place for you to have your 'Bob the Builder' moment safely. Not only does this workshop provide the wood and tools for you to create your own board, they also teach you how to plate and structure your charcuterie board! I can already hear everyone raving about how beautiful your board is at your next gathering. The workshop is currently taking place at Jackson Triggs Winery and is $110 dollars per ticket before tax.

The Old Winery Restaurant - Finish your perfect day at The Old Winery, they offer a Tuscan inspired menu, have reasonable portion sizes and won't break the bank especially after the bottles of wine you probably bought at all of the wineries.

Treadwill - If you want something a little more upscale, Treadwill offers farm-to-table cuisine, with an extensive wine list. Their menu has a little bit of everything!

The Post House Inn - This is for when you want the perfect day to be a perfect night as well, or if you are just too drunk to drive home. Don't worry, I'm not judging, this is a safe space. Service here is absolutely exceptional! The owners are more than accommodating and go above and beyond for each of their guests. Don't get me started on their mattresses...let me tell you...you will have the best sleep of your life! Their mattresses are made of clouds and cotton balls, no one can tell me different.

To perfect days...


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