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4 Ways to Keep the Love Thriving in Your Relationship

This week we're talking about something spicy...RELATIONSHIPS! On this Good Life Friday we want to help y'all keep the love train moving; and if you already know to do these things, then this is your reminder to KEEP doing it! Just remember, relationships require maintenance if you want them to last. You have to continue to do what you did to get that special person, if you want to keep that special person. Are you picking up what we're laying down? Alright folks, let's get into it!

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Number One: Make date nights a frequent, private, and consistent event. Date night can be grabbing ice-cream and walking around the block, shopping for mattresses, or trying out that new restaurant you've been eyeing. This will give you guys time to disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other, and genuinely enjoy each others presence. I know life can be busy, but making time once a week to intentionally do something with your partner will keep the flames burning!

Number Two: Random letters or notes reminding them of just how important they are to you will 100% make their day. We're not saying to write a love novel (unless you want to of course), but surprise them with some kind words. This will not only encourage them to continue being great but it will also make them feel appreciated, as they will know their efforts are not going unnoticed.

Number Three: Listen. You would think this would be common knowledge but trust us it isn't. Actively listening is hard; try not to simply listen, so you can quickly shoot back a rebuttal. Instead, listen to gain understanding, and step out of yourself to see their perspective. Both parties should be able to understand and appreciate each others feelings. Please note, that we did not say agree; because sometimes you both won't agree and thats okay. What's not okay is not taking the time to listen and understand your special someone.

Number Four: Last but not least, to keep things hot, scratch the routines. Live a little and do something out of the ordinary, scare each other, call them at work, pull pranks on them, or connect in an unusual place. Routines can get boring at times, and boredom has no place in your relationship!

Here's to long lasting love ❤️

- Hillaree

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