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5 things to do in Quarantine when you're bored in the house, and you're in the house bored.

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Check out these five things that will help spice up your life in Q.

Coronavirus has grabbed the world by it's collar, and it seems like it isn't letting go anytime soon. Let's admit it, life is hard right now. Schools are closed. Restaurants are closed. Malls are closed. Many people are struggling with child care, money, school, mental health, the list can go on and on. That's why I decided to list some things that can hopefully take your mind off of the pandemic, even if for a litte.

1. Have a Virtual Wine Tasting - Make sure you and your friends buy all of the same wines, make a charcuterie board and have the most epic FaceTime call ever. You can even grab a tasting sheet off of Google for an extra dash of extraness. You can officially add wine connoisseur to your resume. You're welcome.
2. Do a Dinner Swap - You can do this with your mom, your SO, your friends. Literally anyone. Order a meal for your person of choice but DON'T tell them what you got them! They can't tell you what they got you either! You'll both be surprised with a yummy meal (fingers crossed) and you may even discover a new fave. Again, you're welcome.
3. Have a Paint Night - Go to your closest dollar store and buy paint, brushes and a canvas. Let your inner artist out, while listening to a curated playlist. Picasso...is that you???
4. Make that Dish - Make the dish you've been putting off for the last 3 months. And when you're waiting in that long line at the grocery store just remember how happy you'll be when you're eating that delicious meal. Or make that coconut margarita you saw on your insta explore page. Now is the time my friend.
5. Have the Ultimate Movie Night - Put on a movie you've been wanting to watch or even a classic. Most importantly you have to set the vibe. I'm talking blankets, all the pillows, candy, popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, the whole gamut. You can work out tomorrow...or maybe the day after.

Sending good vibes during these hard times


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