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Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I'm going to cut right to the chase...I'm tired y'all. I'm tired of having to fight and defend for my people's existence here on this Earth. Life already has so many stressors, being discriminated against solely due to the colour of your skin, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs should not be one of them. This post was inspired by the disgusting verdict to let police officer, Brett Hankison get away with the murder of Breonna Taylor. But oh don't worry, he didn't get off completely free. He got charged with Wanton endangerment! I hope you can sense my sarcasm and disappointment through your screen. How is it, that the walls, literally the walls, are receiving more justice than a HUMAN BEING, who was wrongfully killed while sleeping in her bed, may I add. Even golden retrievers get more respect! In no world will that ever make sense to me. I'm enraged about the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Junior Manon, George Floyd, Atatiana Jefferson, Freddy Gray, Philando Castille...and the countless other Black individuals that have been lost to systemic racism. I am tired.

What’s so painful is that we can't even live in peace. We are constantly being drained by the eradication of our people, the ignorant stereotypes and microagressions. Even something as small as the way we talk must be discussed. Multiple people have told me that I sound so 'white'. What does that even mean??? I am Black...and this is how I speak...so therefore...I am talking like a Black person! We can be minding our own business, sleeping in our bed at home and still die. This daily fight for survival is so mentally exhausting. Yet, we are still expected to go to work, still expected to go to school, still expected to fulfill our responsibilities. I personally feel impacted when I see anyone being mistreated, but to know the mistreatment was due to something a person cannot change like their skin tone, is heart breaking.

These aren't just random stories, these are peoples lives, everyday. There's no days off, or holidays. Now don't get me wrong, we all have good days, but days when we get news like the disrespectful verdict for Breonna Taylor, those are hard days. Because to be frank, that could have been any other Black person and the message they are sending is VERY clear.

Rooting for everybody Black.


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