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All you need is love ... But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt

Let's cut right to the chase. Valentine's Day is coming up and with the world being closed, and no restaurant's to make reservations at, this holiday is going to look a little different. This week we're dropping gift ideas for the fella's and the ladies, as well as something you and your boo can do together at home that will have the love swirling in the air all night long!

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A Love Experience

The Love In (An In-Home Experience) - This experience is broken down into three tiered packages: The Complete Experience, The Deluxe Experience, & The Comfort Experience. Each package includes an experience box! They have the cutest itinerary planned out from 4:30-9:15 PM! They have virtual couples yoga, Chandon California Brut is included in your experience box for a special toast, there is a communication and relationship expert workshop, as well as a virtual cooking class (all ingredients are provided), and some live music. How romantic is that?! *Your access to each experience will be dependant on the tier you choose (Click the name to be directly brought to their website)

Scavenger Box - You can use this kit to create a personalized scavenger hunt for the special person in your life! (Click the name to be directly brought to their website)

Gift Guide for your Hubby

So I went to my Instagram and asked the fella's what they would like for Valentine's Day, and here's what they said, take notes ladies...

* You can get engravable cufflinks at Things Engraved (Click the name to be directly brought to their website)

Gift Guide for your Lady

Alright gentlemen, play close attention. Thoughtfulness and effort are what the ladies are looking for this V-day. They want to be wined and dined and treated like the true queens they are!

* House of Dips needs to be involved in your Valentine's day, if not you're doing it all wrong! They also have some dope Valentine's day packages too! (Click the name to be directly brought to their Instagram page)

* Forvr Mood and Jo Malone have some bomb candles! Your girl will love them! (Click the name to be directly brought to their website)

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your significant other, you and your dog, you and yourself; whoever you choose to spend it with...I hope it's lovely!

-Hillaree 💕

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