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What is life without Amazon?! Nothing I tell ya! Nothing! We're back on another Friday dropping some Amazon gems, but this time it's specifically for us women. Ladies, treat yourself because you deserve it...we deserve literally everything, so you better not feel guilty for any of your purchases! And that's on what? PERIODTTT *cues up 'Run the Wold' by Beyoncé* You already KNOW all of the pictures are linked directly to where you can buy each item! We got you! 😎

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Mink Glam Lashes - Okay, this is for my makeup lovers, these lashes are BOMB! They make your eyes pop and ten pairs for 13 bucks?! To answer your next question; no they don't look cheap. What are you still doing reading this post, go add them to your cart! Okay just kidding, finish reading the blog post first...then go checkout!

Facial Hair Remover - This is a nice way to GENTLY remove hair from your cheeks (either pair 😉), bikini line, or peach fuzz. It's also great because it doesn't hurt! I'm not going to lie, at a point it did smell a bit like burning hair, I felt obligated to tell you that.

Denman Straightening Brush - If you got thick hair, and straightening it is a pain in the booty, you need this brush! It straightens your hair while you brush! I know, life changing! It's great for touch ups, or when you told your friends your five minutes away, but really you're still doing your hair at home...yea, those moments.

Flat Water Bottle - We both know y'all are not drinking water and minding your business 👀 So it's time to put down the wine glass, get off your ex's new girls page, and drink your water girl. Sometimes the annoying thing about drinking water is carrying a giant water bottle. This one fits perfectly into backpacks, purses, totes, or whatever you're bringing around town with you!

Facial Steamer - Have a facial at home, relax, drink some wine (after you finished your water from your flat water bottle) and open up those pores hunny!

Blackhead Remover Kit - I know you watch those Dr. Pimple Popper videos, and I know you secretly enjoy them! Don't worry we all do, in the most disgusting but joyous way possible. Now you can have your own live segment! These little tools get E V E R Y T H I N G out of your face. The face has some weird looking things trapped in there, I'll just leave it at that...

Amazon has done it again; taken all my money. Jeff Bezos you got me! Every. single. time!

Up next, I'm thinking Amazon fashion finds, or even beauty and skincare gems! The possibilities are endless! Here's to Amazon having everything us ladies need!


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