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Asians are NOT Viruses, Racism Is

Our Asian friends are in trouble, they are being killed, hurt, discriminated against, and targeted. Did you know research shows that Toronto has the second highest number of cases involving anti-Asian hate crimes?! SECOND!! How gross! We are so much better than this, and we MUST start doing better. Innocent people are dying and enough is enough. This week we are providing you with some action items that will make a small change, but will be enough to start creating the change we want to see in the world. I challenge you to fulfill at least one action item!


As we like to say around here; education is elevation. The Chinese Canadian National Council for Social Justice recently started a new campaign called #FaceRace. Click the link to read Asian-Canadian's experiences with racism. Yes, racism happens in Canada too. Read about the discrimination they have been facing amidst the pandemic, how to be an ally, and they also formulated a toolkit with various strategies you can use when you see someone facing racism.

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation

Buying new shoes or putting your money towards helping those in need and assisting in eliminating racism? We'll pick the latter. As a registered charitable organization you'll get a tax receipt at the end of the year! It's the gift that just keeps on giving.

Be Aware of Yourself

I would assume this is common sense, but I'll say it again just to be safe. Be a nice non-racist person! Think about how your words may impact others, and if someone tells you you're being offensive, Listen!...and change! The change part is key! Avoid engaging in microagressions and stand up for people when it's right to do so! Who knows, you standing up for someone can save someone's life or start a ripple effect.

Peace & ❤️

- Hillaree

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