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4 Tips To Help You 'Down There'

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

You know what I'm tired of? I'm tired of not hearing enough about the Vulvarine. That's why this week, I've decided to take it upon myself to share four vagina care tips. Yes, we all know the vagina is a self cleaning oven, the fancy smelling soaps at Walmart are bad for us, and to see a doctor regularly, blah blah blah. Yes, those are good things to know but I'm not talking about that. This post is for the vagina's that may need a little extra self care, for the vaginas that want to reach their full potential, for the vagina's that every now and then feel a little off balanced. This. Is. For. You. Okay, why did that sound like a commercial for vaginas? Alright class, let's start this week's vagina lesson.

1. Probiotic 5 Billion with Cranberry - It's time to step your vitamin game up ladies. This probiotic is great for your tummy and your cooter. This re-establishes protective vaginal microflora, and with the addition of cranberry, it will help prevent UTI's. If you are like me, you're asking what the heck is "vaginal microflora" and why do I need it. It is a bacteria that keeps your bajingo healthy by producing substances that stop the growth of unwanted organisms. In other words, vaginal microflora are the good vibes police and they are not into party crashers. Our microflora officers keep our pH at about a 4. The perfect pH level to protect our pretty clams from infections. So if you want your rosebud to be chanting "Good Vibes Only" get you some probiotic 5 billion. Along with half of the world, you can buy some on Amazon.

2. Drink Water And Mind Your Business - We all know that we should be drinking water daily and here is just another reason why. Drinking water helps with any 'unusual' odors coming from down there. But if your foo foo is smelling like the third day of your period...and you're not on your period. I would say drink some water AND go to a doctor ASAP. Moral of the story; if you're thirsty, your vagina is parched too. The mind your business part is just a good life skill to have.

3. Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories - I'm going to let y'all in on a little trick of mine. Vaginal suppositories. I don't use these consistently but when I feel a little off balanced down there, I pop one in overnight to get things back to normal. I do suggest inserting these at night WITH a panty liner, as Miss. Boric will definitely cause some drainage down there. Also, these are all natural. We love a good natural product. These are amazing for dryness, odours, bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, as well as other things. Just to be clear these need to be inserted into your vagina, DO NOT swallow these for the love of God. You can insert them by hand or with an applicator. As if Jeff Bezos wasn't rich enough, you can purchase these on Amazon as well.

4. Nuts & Avocados - The healthy fats found in these foods, help create a beautiful lining for your honey pot that help prevent infections and vaginitis. Can I have some extra guac please???

Alright ladies, that concludes this week's vagina lesson. I feel...inspired! I think this will be the beginning of a vagina series. A place for vagina's to come, learn and be healthy together. Ahhh that sounds beautiful.

This post can also double as a drinking game, take a shot for each time I mention or refer to the kitty cat.

Here's to healthy vagina's, fandango's, & vajayjay's!


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