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Dear Degree, Why You Playing So Hard To Get?

It's September and your girl is going back to school y'all. I am finally going for my Master's degree. Of course, I know I'm not the only one going back to school, so I thought I would share the knowledge and let y'all in on some study tips and tricks to make getting that certificate a little bit easier. Just remember it may suck now (especially if you're learning online), but it will pay off in the long run, remember that when you consider dropping out to become stripper or a trap boss.

  1. The Power of Reinforcement: For this hack you must be extremely disciplined, and if you don't have enough will power, bring in your mom, boyfriend or girlfriend for back up. You're probably wondering what reinforcement means in this context. To make it plain, you get good things when you do good things, which in turn reinforces the behaviour and makes it more likely to happen again. First things first, you have to find something that will genuinely motivate you; maybe it's trying that new restaurant, or ordering those shoes you wanted. Step 2: Define what your contingencies are for accessing your preferred item; is it doing your readings every day? Getting an A+ on the assignment? Submitting discussion posts on time for 2 weeks? Lastly, make sure you are only giving yourself your reinforcer if you actually did what you said you would do. This is where self-discipline comes in. You want to leave that preferred item strictly for completing your school work, otherwise this whole process will be for nothing. So if your motivation is deep dish pizza, you're only eating it after you finished your notes for a week. You know if the item you chose was actually motivating if you completed the tasks in order to access it! If not, switch it up!

  2. Studying for a Test? Become the Professor!: In your own words, relay the information to your 'class' about the targeted concepts. Saying the material out loud, will help with the retention of the content, as well as, show you if you genuinely understand what you've been studying for the past three hours.

  3. Be Intense: Studies have shown, intensive 30-45 minute study sessions improves retention, decreases the likelihood of you being distracted, and boosts the efficiency of your learning. Study for 45 minutes, quiz yourself and then take a break. Repeat this process throughout the day. Studying for hours on end is not the move honey, it just melts your brain.

  4. Your Calendar is Your Friend: Input EVERY single assignment due date, readings, and exams into the calendar on your phone. Set two alarms; one, a week before the due date and the other 2 days before. This way, if you forget you have a week to get it together, and then a nice gentle reminder two days before to add any last finishing touches. Plus, you always have your phone with you so let it help keep you on track.

Don't forget life is all about balance, leave time for yourself and self-care, even if that just means taking a nap, going to that party or sitting down drinking a coffee uninterrupted. You got this! I can already hear them calling your name at convocation! Here's to a successful academic school year!


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