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Everything Happens For A Riesling

Second post of the year and we're already talking about wine?! YUP! Just hear us out first, please! This time it's a little different, because we're talking about food and wine pairings. This week we are sharing three wines that will compliment your next meal beautifully. You can impress your date with all the knowledge and expertise you have and how you thoughtfully put this entire meal together because you know...you're inquisitive and knowledgable.

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Typically, you would want to match specific elements in the wine to the specific characteristics in the food you are enjoying. For example; a buttery and creamy chardonnay would go well with a creamy chicken alfredo ~Melissa Monosoff But hey, that's just a tip. Drink what ya like, with what ya like to eat...YOLO.

L'Orangeraie Rose Pays D'OC & Oysters

Honestly this wine would taste nice with any seafood, but with the oysters...it was simply delectable. This wine has a bit of a mineral like flavour, which goes well with the similar flavours from the oysters.

13th Street Burger Blend Rose & Burgers

Okay come on, the label tells you exactly what to pair the wine with! We can testify that they indeed did not lie, and this wine tastes pretty darn good with a burger! Even with all the condiments on my burger, there was still unison between the wine and the food. It wasn't too fruity, but not too dry either...truly a perfect balance.

Jean-Pierre Moueix Bordeaux & Lamb

I have not tried this pairing myself (only because I hate red wine), but I knew I had to include it, because there are a lot of red lovers out there. I did a boatload of research and I concluded that this would be a beautiful pairing. This Bordeaux is said to have some cedar and spice notes, sounds like a match made in heaven! It also sounds like it would taste delish with a medium-rare steak. mmmm!

All these wines can be found at your nearest LCBO and are all under $20! Now you go out there and impress your mother-in-law!

Cheers y'all!


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