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F is for Friends: The 14 Day Friendship Challenge

Recently, my friend randomly sent me a text, asking me if I wanted to do the friendship challenge (shoutout to Brianne real quick) with her and a couple of her friends. I had no idea what the challenge was but of course I was down. Every day, for 14 days, we had a zoom video call responding to the posed questions from the www.heartconvos.com curriculum.

This challenge had me taking inventory of all my platonic relationships. The challenge had me considering if all the friendships I have currently, are even worth keeping. It was actually nice to stop for a moment and REFLECT, reflect on what I wanted, reflect on the things that I brought to the table. Because let's be real, when do we ever take the time to reflect on anything? Let alone reflecting on if your friendships are even healthy. It's not until I completed this challenge, that I realized, for most of my life, I barely even knew what I wanted my friendships to look or feel like.

I won't give too much away, but the challenge begins with you defining friendship. I'm not talking about the typical, cliche definition. Everyones definition will be different. My definition was; someone who shows up, can communicate appropriately, and is always down for bottomless mimosas. (Bottomless mimosas is a crucial criteria in my friendship book) With this new definition, it also made me expect the same from myself in terms of being a friend to others.

Of course, I know this is not everyones thing. But if you're down for some self growth and healthier relationships I encourage you to do the challenge. I'm sure you'll discover at least one thing about yourself. AND we're in quarantine, so you have nothing but time.

Here's to better friendships


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