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Four Different Looks and my Looks All Kill

Hello, Hello, and Happy Friday! Friday's are my favourite day of the week. Alright enough about me, let's talk about outfits. Cute outfits to be specific. This week I'm sharing some summer clothing trends for the ladies. Men, you guys are up next week. Keep on scrolling if you want to know about the four hottest trends this season!

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Neutral Tones

Bone, khaki, off-white, and linen are really having their moment this summer. Something about the neutral colour palette looks clean and bougie, yet edgy.

White Knee High Boots/Cowboy Boots

White boots were popular a couple of years ago, and they've already made their way back into the rotation. But this time, in summer. How do we feel about white cowboy boots? I don't know how to feel. I'm still debating if I should get a pair or not.

Platform Shoes

For the people who prefer not to wear white boots in the summer, platforms have also made a comeback. I personally love this trend and already own two pairs; one in black obviously, and the other in a neutral colour, duh. Just be careful not to roll your ankles though.

Fun Prints

Prints are in this season. The more loud and colourful the better. This is your chance to shine people!

Here's to looking GOODT!

- Hillaree

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