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Four Different Looks & My Looks All Kill: Mens Edition

Alright gents, let's talk fashion. I'm going to cut right to the chase, keep on reading if you wanna be styling this summer in these latest trends!

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Above the Knee Shorts

Okay, you have to make sure they're above the knee; right at the knee doesn't look as cool, and below the knee...well, it's just not ideal. Men, add these to your wardrobe, not everyday wear sweatpants. I know you're hot.

Shirts with Print

Prints are in for both the ladies and the men. Print shirts are a great way to spice up your wardrobe, and can make you look more put together as well.

Matching Sets

I feel like a sick matching set on vacay would literally make your instagram catch on fire. A dope fit with palm trees in the back?!?! JEEEEEZ

Cali Vibe

The whole Cali aesthetic seems to be super popular this summer for men. I dig it.

I hope this gave you some inspo, or you already have above the knee shorts in your cart.


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