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Happiness is Receiving What you Order on Amazon

Updated: Apr 4

Happy Good Life Friday y'all. We are back with some more Amazon gems for your headtop. These Amazon finds are game changers, and we aren't talking about no crocodile booty leggings either. We'll give you a hint...no more sauce spills in your car. 👀You know we make things easy for you around here, real easy. As always, you can click on the pictures shown to be directly brought to the website. Additionally, you can use the Amazon search box to search through their entire catalogue! Happy shopping! ✨

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Bluing Liquid

If you're like us, you like your whites CRISP and well...white! Not yellow, off-white, beige, or bone. White. Bleach alone typically adds a yellow tinge to your white clothes, but that stops now! Add some DILUTED bluing liquid, to your clothes WITH bleach and viola. Clean white clothes, we love to see it.

Wine Decanter

We thought we would add this in for all the fancy pants out there. In our opinion, a wine decanter is a must have, as it truly elevates the whole wine drinking experience. Plus we're sure your guests will find it very impressive.

Clip-In Car Sauce Holder

Okay, if you try to tell us this isn't a game changer, you are lying! How many times could you not fully enjoy your fries or nuggets because you couldn't manoeuvre the sauce while you were driving?? OR you spilled your sauce all over your seats and got sweet & sour sauce on your fave shirt. Your car seats have had enough.

Heel Grips

This is for the people that a got a size bigger than what they actually are because the shoes were on sale, and now their heel keeps popping out of the shoe. You're welcome.

Mike's Hot Honey

If you love honey you need to try this honey with a kick! This honey is infused with chilies and can be put on literally anything. Chicken wings, pizza, cheese, salads...the options are endless!

Emergen-C Vitamin C

Health is wealth my friends. What good is anything in this world if you're not well enough to enjoy it? Did you know you need about 1000-2000 mg of Vitamin C per day?! With COVID cases on the rise you're gonna wanna get your immune system in tip top shape.

Daily Planner Sheets

We're recommending this because life gets crazy and things need to be in order. This is great because these are sheets that you can just rip off and put in your purse or pocket to help keep you organized throughout the day. You don't have to lug around a big agenda and it also gets you to start your day by reflecting on something you are grateful for.

If you guys don’t get the clip-in car sauce holder, you are only playing yourself!

- Hillaree

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