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Here's The Hot Tea From London

Before Corona went on a full rampage, I was able to visit a couple of countries in Europe this past March. With borders slowly opening up to Canadians, I thought I would finally share my trip to London and hey, who knows, maybe this will inspire you to travel to London in the near or maybe far future. I was only in London for a couple of days and surprisingly it was more than enough. Also, make sure y'all get your coins ready because that conversion...is NOT nice. Everything in London is expensive, can't say I didn't warn you! This post will be more of a photo diary, you know, more pictures, less talking.

Getting around London was so beyond easy, I strongly suggest ordering your Oyster Visitor Card before even touching down in London, you can have it fully loaded and mailed to you before your departure. It just makes things easier and you can get on your way without any delays. As a side note, make sure you hop on the right train from the airport, as some are more expensive than others, even though they are going to the same place. One is an express train (more expensive) and the other is not. For my 2 day stay, I put 50 pounds on my Oyster card, and it was good for my entire trip. I used Google Maps to direct me to my Air BNB and everywhere else for that matter, gotta love that transit option on there. The tube stations (aha look at me, saying tube) have easy to read signage that makes travelling around a breeze.


OF COURSE, I had to stop at Buckingham Palace. I was so excited to check this off of my bucket list. Surprisingly, it wasn't extremely packed! I dropped by on a Sunday afternoon and still was able to walk freely without bumping into anyone.


I made an impromptu pit stop at The National Gallery; admission is always free. My favourite part was watching artists come in and recreate the portraits in their sketchbooks and canvases.


Me living my best life at Afternoon Tea

How could I go to London and not have Afternoon Tea?! ☕️ That would be absolutely preposterous! Afternoon Tea in London can be pricey and I was not trying to drop a bunch of pounds on mini sandwiches. No thank you, ma'am. I was able to find an amazing spread for an incredible price. I had the best time at the Strand Palace Hotel, it was lovely and service couldn't have been better. I got this perfect spread PLUS bottomless Prosecco all for 35 pounds! Did you read what I just said?! I said 35 pounds! Crazy! Safe to say, I had a really great time at Afternoon Tea, I'm not sure if it was because of the bottomless Prosecco, or my reasonable bill. Probably the Prosecco, let's be honest here.


Okay, let's talk serious business now. I'm talking about fish and chips. A MUST TRY. Don't expect a thin little fillet like we get most times here at home; think, juicy, fresh, perfectly battered fish. I don't even like thick-cut fries but it just worked, the thickness of the fries complimented the meatiness of the fish. *chefs kiss* I went to Poppies and I have absolutely no regrets. 10/10, I will definitely be back.


Camden Market is a must see. It gives off grunge vibes but in the best way possible. There is a plethora of food spots and novelty shops, as well as a canal that runs right alongside it. While here, I got to visit the Vagina Museum which has free admission and definitely worth the visit. If you're new here, I'm all about normalizing talking about vaginas. Also, in Camden Market, I got to visit the coveted Cereal Killer Cafe that has shelves full of exotic cereals. I'm not the biggest cereal fan but it was cool to check out, they also give you various milk options!

The Vagina Museum

Cereal Killer Cafe

Exploring Camden Market


Look at this spread! 😍😍😍 Not proud to say, but also proud to say, that I ate this whole meal in one sitting. Took me awhile but I was able to conquer this epic plate from Burger & Lobster. Their name literally tells you what they offer, you don't need to guess and wonder. I had half grilled lobster and half steamed lobster, next time I will scratch the grilled lobster, I was not a fan at all. Tasted like I was eating lobster rolled in charcoal. Service was okay, but the quality of food made up for it in a big way. I should probably mention that 9.5 times out of 10, gratuity is included in your total when you are out dining in London.


Want to feel on top of the world? Visit the Sky Garden. Entry is free but reservations must be made in advance. There is a bar and lounge where you can sit, drink, and take in the beautiful sights. The Sky Garden, also puts you in the perfect position to spot the London Bridge!

View from the Sky Garden

This was simply a snapshot of my trip to London, the city is truly always buzzing and there's something to do at every corner. London really has everything you need for a good time in the city. A must visit type of city and I will most definitely be back.



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