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How I Saved My Skin

I have been SO excited to write this blog post, its been a month in the making! I can truly stand behind each product I mention here because I've used them, I still use them, and I will continue to use them! Personally, I'm not the girl that has always had an extensive skincare routine, because for one, I simply do not have time, and secondly, I never really struggled with terrible skin. Of course I had my occasional flare-ups, but I was never overly worried about my face...until the pandemic hit. Keep on reading to see which products literally saved my face. Plus, some of the products are from small businesses that are owned and ran by women! #supportlocal

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Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

I love this cleanser; it doesn't dry out my skin, and it leaves my face feeling fresh, hydrated, and clean. (Click the pic to be directly brought to their website)

Vibrating Facial Cleansing Tool

You know how products usually say 'massage into skin'? This really gets the product INTO your skin. It is electric; so it will vibrate and it WILL put in that work! All you have to do is move it around your face. You can also select the intensity of the vibration as well. I can't forget to mention, it fits in all the contours of your face, like around the nose area and eyes. (Click the pic to be directly brought to their website)

Glossier Solution

Now, this right here...is the golden product. I'm 100% sure one of the ingredients in this bottle is magic, because this really took my skin to another level, and really perfected it. Heck, this product even removed the blackheads from my nose. Literally, gone! You. need. to. try. this! (Click the pic to be directly brought to their website)

Shiseido Facial Cotton

Okay, yes, I know it's bougie cotton pads. You're probably wondering...11 dollars when I can get them for a dollar at Dolllarama?!?! LET ME EXPLAIN! I am OBSESSED with these cotton squares because they do NOT rip, they do NOT leave little pieces of cotton on your face, AND you can use both sides of the pad, no problem. I tried to use cotton pads from Wal-mart just to compare, and in that moment I decided I can never go back to regular degular cotton pads again. GET THIS! Oh, by the way, I use this to apply the Glossier Solution. (Click the pic to be directly brought to their website)

Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA

This serum is great for improving skin tone. 🙌🏾

(Click the pic to be directly brought to their website)

Luscious Lippy Scrub

This is a lovely small business that uses natural ingredients to make amazing products. To make their lip scrubs they use organic cane sugar, coconut butter, as well as English lavender & lavender buds all sourced locally sourced from an Ontario farm. Ya love to see it! Their lip scrub is...AH MAY ZING! I am not kidding when I say this is one of the best lip scrubs I've ever used. And yes, even better than the ones at Lush, yea I said it! You know how typically after you use a lip scrub, your whole mouth feels dry after? Not with this lip scrub, in fact, the whole bottom half of my face feels super nourished. They also have a bunch of other products, so go check them out! (Click the pic to be directly brought to their Instagram)

Gloss'Cee Lip Balm

All hail Gloss'Cee 🙌🏾 This is another small business that makes bomb natural and affordable products. I am a Gloss'Cee stan okay! They also have lip scrubs and lip glosses that are *chefs kiss* But lets get into these lip balms. The balms are created using beeswax, coconut oil and vitamin E. After I use my lip scrub, I slap on some Gloss'Cee balm. Let me tell you...the way your lips will be moisturized for the next five hours is INSANE! I am not even lying when I say this balm is better than the Laneige Lip Mask...I said what I said 🤷🏾‍♀️ Honestly it's the perfect way to conclude my skincare routine. (Click the pic to be directly brought to their Instagram)

Alright folks, and that is how I saved my face. She's still a work in progress, but she is doing MUCH better! I hope you found some new products and companies to try out! Here's to glowing skin!

- Hillaree

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