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I'll be at the Cotty

YESSSSSSIRRRRRR! It is officially cotty season and The Good Life is here to drop some cottage must haves! Get your credit card ready folks, we're going to the cotty!

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Water Tube

If you're going to a cottage, you will probably come into contact with a large body of water at some point. This water tube is oh so needed. It fits four people, has nice sturdy cup holders AND comes with two coolers. You're welcome. You can click the picture to be brought directly to the site!

Mosquito Repellent Patches

Bug spray stinks, and sometimes I feel like I am legit choking on chemicals when applying it. Here is a simple and easy fix. Bye you blood sucking demons. & yes you can click the pic to scoop the goods.

Board Games

If you didn't play any games at the cottage, did you even go to the cottage? The answer is no. Not everyday play Cards Against Humanity, branch out and try a new game! Quelf is one of my personal favourites, because it always has all the players looking silly. Definitely a great game that produces a lot of video worthy content. If board games aren't your thing, grab a volleyball, or a quick pop-up badminton set.

Plastic Cup Set with Pitcher

Okay of course your rental may have this, but what if they don't? Then what are you going to put your sangria in? Hmmm??? A pot?! Better to be safe than sorry folks. Make sure you get a plastic set so you can put it in your water tube, and you won't be so hurt if it breaks during the trip.

Have an amazing time at the cotty and I'll see you here next week. Same place. Same time.

- Hillaree

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