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I'm Wearing The Smile You Gave Me

What makes the world go round? LOVE, of course! What else were you thinking?! We're not just talking about loving your partner, we're referring to the love that is shared in all of your relationships; with your mom, best friend, heck, even your dog! The beautiful thing about this time of year is that it's really about love! And if just the thought of spending time with loved ones and making memories doesn't make you melt, then you just may be the Grinch! This week we're talking about love languages! The Good Life is here to give gift ideas and some all year round ideas of how you can express your love to the ones closest to you, by showing it in a way they understand...their love language!

As a quick recap, there are five love languages: Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, & Gifts. It's very common for people to have a combination of love languages! If you forgot what your love language is, or you have no idea what it is, the quiz can be found here.

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Physical Touch

1. Schedule a massage for them at a nearby spa. World still closed down? Give them the massage yourself! Pick up massage oil, and vanilla candles from Walmart, and play some calming bird sounds on YouTube!

2. A heated weighted blanket would be a great gift for this love language. They'll be able to feel a comfortable pressure around them while they sleep. It's almost like they are in someones arms!

3. Book a salsa lesson. This is such an intimate activity that is very hands on, but is also such a fun experience. World still locked down? Fire up YouTube again, put on a tutorial and dance away in your living room. Don't worry no ones watching!

Words of Affirmation

1. Heartfelt speeches are lovely, honestly. But there is something so sweet about seeing the words written on a piece of paper. Write a note to your person of choice letting them know how you truly feel about them. It's great that it's a permanent product, so they'll be able to refer back to it whenever they're feeling low.

2. Curate a playlist for them! Select songs that describe the person, or that simply make you think of this person whenever you hear it. It's like their vibe, but in music form!

3. Again, something about permanent products. Print out your fave pictures of this person, on the back write about the specific moment the picture was taken or just something they did in this moment that you admired. This would be such a precious gift!

Quality Time

  1. Book an Airbnb just for you two, or four, whatever floats your boat! Put the phones DOWN, and just enjoy each other's company! Play some games, watch movies together, or just eat and listen to music. Disconnect and focus on the people in front of you.

  2. Create a 'Date Night' jar. Compile a list of potential date night activities, fold them up and place them in a nice jar. Each date night, you guys will pull an activity out and complete the activity together! We love how there is also an element of surprise! SO cute!

  3. Cook together! Pick a meal, maybe something you both have been wanting to try and head to your nearest grocery store. Quality time begins as soon as you're on your way to the store and ends with a (hopefully 😆) delicious meal!


  1. 'Just because' flowers are always nice, or picking up an item you've heard them mention is a great way to show your love, and that you're listening!!!

  2. Handmade gifts are just as special! Time to bring the creativity out!

Acts of Service

  1. Order/Make/Buy them food! How many times do we have to say it?! Food is the way to the heart, people! Show you care about them by ensuring they are fed and no longer hangry!

  2. Do them a favour. They need to grab a bottle of wine from LCBO? Offer to do it for them. It will make their day! *Side Note* You offering is VERY different from them asking you. The offer is what makes it extra special, it shows you were thinking of them!

Here's to love...


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