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It Was Either This Or Socks.

We are a blog that keeps our word! As promised, here is a gift guide to get some ideas for all the men in your life. Your boo, your dad, brother, or your third cousin twice removed! Whatever the dynamic is, we have some gift ideas for you! This is also for all the people that tried to buy the PS5 for the guy in their life, but it sold out before they could even enter in their credit card info. Better luck next time! I also asked guys on our instagram to tell us what they would want for Christmas; so just know we've done our research! Side note: PS5 was mentioned multiple times. Sorry guys, maybe Christmas 2021 💀 As always you can click the pictures to be directly brought to the site! Happy shopping! ✨

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Golf Shoes & Golf Balls

For the golfers in your life! I know a lot of men genuinely enjoy playing golf, it's actually quite a nice sport! Get them ready to play next summer by getting them these golf essentials. May I add, these golf balls have an overall five star rating. The proof is in the pudding people.


Everyone loves a man that smells delicious. Bless your man's life and your own life by putting him onto these fire scents. In the lineup we have: Dolce & Gabbana The One For Men, Gucci Guilty Intense Pour Homme, and lastly, Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette.


Men want the basics! They need the basics! You know men, them going out to buy anything is a hassle. Make their lives a little easier this season and stock them up on everything they may need. Now they can finally throw away those boxers with the holes in them.

Business Books

Of course you can grab a business book that speaks to their specific interests, but this is a great way to help your man expand his knowledge. As well as a nice way for you to show your support for all his endeavours. Here's a general book that talks about improving your overall well-being by making small changes.

Beard Kit

Ladies, I know y'all love the beards. So really this gift is just as much for you as it is for him. Have his beard looking lustrous and full during Christmas dinner with a beard kit. This company has a variety of tools and supplies for your mans beard. Check them out!


With lockdown being apart of our lives now, I know a lot of scalps are suffering. Many lineups have simply slipped away. Don't get me wrong, some men can pull off the scruffy look. But the ones that can't...gift them some clippers. Maybe they'll even let you be their new personal barber! But for real, we know this would be a very useful gift!

Car Accessories

What do love men most after their mother? Their car! Spruce up his whip with some cool accessories like these LED lights! They definitely set the right kind of vibes. Imagine them having the lights on, cruising down the highway, with their fave songs blasting...VIBES!

Tech Stuff

Tech is always nice to receive as a gift. Things like smart watches and wireless headphones just make life easy. Sounds to us like you're about to be crowned the best gift giver ever!

Bath Robe

All I have to say is comfort...

I hope this gave you some good gift ideas for all the great men in your life. I will be adding more items as we get closer to Christmas, so be sure to check back for some new gift ideas! Until next time!


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