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Know Your Limit, Play Within It

You think OLG is cool with me using their tagline? I mean it just works so well for this post, so, OLG please forgive.

Okay, wow...HI! I missed writing to you guys each week but the break was definitely needed, but I am SO glad to be back. Some cool things have happened since my little hiatus. First thing being that I was on Flow 93.5 talking about the blog!!! I was for sure in the washroom at work while I spoke to Blake and Peter but hey, what're you gonna do. Shameless plug coming in 3...2...1...

Make sure you click that post and like it. I'm watching you 👀 Where are my manners; can you please click the post and like it. Thank you 😌

I'll do more of an update on my life later on but for my first post back, I thought I would come in with a BANG and talk about something we all struggle with...BOUNDARIES.

How many times have you done something you didn't want to do? And I'm not talking about completing tasks at work, because let's be real, no one ever wants to do work related tasks. Or how many friendships and relationships have you held onto that no longer serve you for the sake of just wanting to be a nice person. Personally, it can be really hard for me to say no, and many times I'll rearrange my whole life just to accommodate others. I'm actually in therapy to help me enforce my boundaries without feeling like I'm a terrible human being, and it really has been life changing. See, I pay for therapy so y'all don't have to. (This is just a joke though, I 1000% recommend therapy)


First thing I want you to remember is that you come first. You are worth it, you owe it to yourself, and your value is not dependent on what you can do for others. You are amazing and important by simply being you.

Second thing is...write this down on a post-it note if you have to; but you are not responsible to help out everyone in your life all the time. Help when you can, and ONLY when you have the emotional bandwidth, mental capacity, and physical ability to do so. You're not the only person in their world that can help them. Remove that unfair burden from yourself.

Lastly, you can have good intentions towards others WHILE honouring yourself and your boundaries. At a certain point you have to allow those in your life to deal with their own feelings and emotions as they are in control of their own autonomy.

Alright, I love you guys. And I hope you love yourself enough to implement some boundaries.

Glad to be back

- Hillaree

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