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Myth or Fact: Vagina Edition

Did you know, my most popular posts are the ones that talk about vagina's and vagina health? I'm just trying to please the people...so you know what that means! We're talking about vagina's again this week! You are welcome! ☺️ I've heard a lot of things about vagina's throughout the year, and it's time to find out whether those things are a myth or fact. Alright folks, class is officially back in session!

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Every time my vagina itches, it means I have a yeast infection: MYTH

An itch doesn't always mean you have a yeast infection. It could mean you have BV, or maybe some hormonal changes going on...okay now that I'm typing this out, just having a yeast infection sounds better than the other two possibilities. However, it's good to know so you can go about treatment accordingly. OR it could just simply be an itch, thats an option too.

My vagina will tear and never be the same after childbirth: FACT but also MYTH

Just to be clear, the first part of the statement is a fact, and the latter is a myth. Tearing down there is totally normal; so normal, that around 80% of vaginas have been ripped during vaginal deliveries. But don't worry, your vagina is strong, it was made for this! She will bounce back in no time. Since there is so much blood supply down there, the area actually heals faster than most of your other body parts. You may notice some unwanted changes like dryness; this is due to your postpartum-baby-making body now making less estrogen.


Vaginas are supposed to smell: FACT

Your vagina isn't supposed to smell like a peach orchard on a lovely sunny day. Each vagina has their own unique smell, and personally, I think more people need to embrace their organic perfume. If you're wondering why your vagina even smells in the first place, it is caused by the bacteria putting in work 24/7, to make sure your lady bits are in tip top shape. So be nice to them! Put the scented Vagisil down! Of course, if your clam starts to smell like an actual clam, I would definitely suggest seeing a doctor.

Vaginas can change colour: FACT

When your body is in 'GO' mode, a lot of blood rushes to the vagina with hopes to get invited to the party. This can make the area seem temporarily darker.

A person can really have two vaginas: FACT

Didelphys Uterus. It is rare abnormality that causes a person to have two vaginal canals. I do wonder if that means double the periods...yikes. Okay, just did further research and yes they do get double periods. Wow. I even read that sometimes women experience bleeding after putting in a tampon, because they only placed it in one of their vaginal canals and the other one was still bleeding!!! I am genuinely shook right now. What does that even look like??? I'm too scared to search that up on Google.

Well I don't know about you guys, but I learned a lot about vaginas this week. I'm still really trying to figure out the logistics of the two vaginal canals. Here's to knowing more about our cooters.

- Hillaree

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