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Nothing is Permanent in this World — Not Even our Troubles.

The people have spoken! I asked y'all on Instagram what I should write about this week, and the majority of people selected anxiety reduction exercises. I'm happy this was selected because God knows we all need a little help with anxiety. Especially with things starting to reopen again; though it is exciting, it can also be anxiety provoking. And even outside of COVID, life just makes me anxious, ya know!? Keep on reading for four things you can do to help reduce your anxiety whenever, wherever.

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Interrupt Your Anxious Thought Cycle

You may have heard of defusion exercises; they may sound silly but they actually do work! I personally like thanking my negative thoughts, but in a VERY sarcastic manner. Whenever I begin to think negatively I just say to myself, 'Thanks for that brain, thats so helpful! Good job, keep up the great work!' This makes you aware of your thoughts, and allows you to reflect objectively, by treating the thought as just a silly and unhelpful thought, rather than a fact. This ultimately puts you in a position of being in control of your thoughts, rather than the other way around. Saying these sarcastic phrases out loud makes me realize that whatever I'm thinking really isn't helping me in this very moment, and it makes me naturally pivot towards more positive thinking.

It's a Body Scan Y'all

Make a tight fist with your hands and squeeze for five seconds. Release, and slowly open your hands. Allow yourself to feel the tension leaving your hands, and hopefully, your hand will feel lighter. You can do this with various parts of your body, until you start to feel calmer. Squeeze and slowly release, my friends. This is also a great way to bring you back into the present moment and out of your thoughts.


Ashwagandha is a herb that helps reduce anxiety and stress, and actually boosts fertility in women and testosterone in men. Hey now!

4-7-8 Breathing

Breathe in for four seconds through your nose, hold for seven seconds, and breathe out of your mouth for eight seconds. Repeat. Don't worry if you can't hold your breath for seven seconds right away, take your time and slowly increase as you go.

Be well, my friends


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