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Pumpkin Kisses and Harvest Wishes

Time to take out the Uggs, cardigans, and order up a PSL from Starbucks; it is officially fall season! So it was only right to have a blog post talking about five things to do this fall. Keep on reading if you're trying to live your best fall life.

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1. Coming in hot at number one is Muskoka Lakes Farm & Winery. This place is filled with things to do; you can do the cranberry plunge for only $20 per person (Don't worry they provide those big waterproof overalls). They also have wagon and winery tours. Side note...their cranberry splash wine spritzer is absolutely BOMB. A must try for sure!

2. Okay this next one is predictable, BUT did fall really happen if you didn't go apple picking? The answer is no. You know how each year there's always that one popular apple picking spot that you HAVE to go too? Like last year it was Chudleigh's and the year before that, was Downey's Farm. But for this year, I am predicting it's going to be Albion Orchards. They have a pumpkin patch as well, and they also make their own honey on site. So go and make all the people on your Instagram look at your stories like 👀👀👀.

3. Next up we have Thanksgiving Pairings at Cambium Farms. Cambium is really such a lovely property and they offer various beer, wine, and cider tasting events throughout the year. For the fall season they are offering a wine tasting, accompanied by an individually boxed Thanksgiving themed food pairing. What are you waiting for, check it out!

4. For a dash of Halloween vibes we have the Spooktacular Light Show, it runs from September 30th to November 7th. Tickets are: Two Passenger Car: $25, Five Passenger Car: $45, Six or More Passenger Car: $60. This light show is also right in Mississauga!

5. This is for the people that are open to trying new and unique things. Have y'all ever heard of a socially distanced sound installation? No? Yea, me either. But do you remember the movie Birdbox on Netflix? It's like that, but in real life. Tickets are $29, and runs until October 24th in Toronto. Running time is about 75 minutes with no intermissions.

Happy Fall y'all!

-Hillaree 🎃

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