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Reflection. Looking Back so the View Looking Forward is Clearer

Welcome back to The Good Life blog, where we drop weekly tips and gems on how to do just that...live a good life. This week we’re going to be talking about some ways you can get your life organized, express gratitude, and reflect. These exercises have truly helped me get my ish together, while reminding me of all the things I am grateful for!

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How often do you INTENTIONALLY sit back and reflect on the past month? Probably never. Don’t worry, I never did either. At the end of each month I complete a monthly reflection; it’s so cool to look back and see how much has changed/improved throughout the year. In this reflection I quickly write about the three biggest things I learned in the past month & three things I want to improve on for next month. You can find the free monthly reflection worksheet download here.



Let’s be real for a moment, life is draining. Work, school, family and even friends can be draining at times. People are typically aware of what drains them, but are not so aware of what replenishes them. Write this down. No seriously, write it down. In the middle of a paper, you’re going to draw a circle and write ‘What refuels me?’ in the centre. From there, you can attach as many circles as you like to the centre circle. In each of these attached circles you’re going to write ways in which you can refuel yourself when you feel like you’re on E. If you’re really fancy you can organize the circles by categories such as physical, spiritual, intellectual, fun etc. Maybe having a soak in the tub refuels you, schedule bath time into your week. Or maybe it’s watching reality tv, pencil in some time to keep you going. BE. INTENTIONAL.


I personally love passion roadmaps and highly recommend them! So much that I also force my family members to do them too 💀 This roadmap helps you actually achieve your life goals! Passion Planner has an amazing passion roadmap worksheet that can be found here and it’s FREE!! Who doesn’t love free stuff??

Here's to an intentional and focused future.


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