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You Gotta Nourish To Flourish

So a girl has been learning a lot in school, and I've learned something that I know will be relevant to everyone's life...and that is the importance of self-care. I know we all know that self-care is important, but do you really KNOW just how important it is? Without getting technical, you really cannot be there for others, properly function, or even fulfill your responsibilities if you are not well OVERALL. "It would be foolish to think we can hide parts of ourselves that are significant to our health, and still be fully present to another person" ~ Sandra Collins. We all NEED to carve out time on a REGULAR basis for OURSELVES. We only get one body and one mind, so it's time we start treating them right! If you don't get anything from this post, I simply want you to take away the fact that self-care is an ALL the time thing, not just a once or twice a year occurrence!

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For me, self-care looks like trying new things, sleeping, and eating good food. Of course self-care looks different for everyone, but here are some simple ideas to inspire you to give yourself the time you deserve. Even if it's just for ten minutes a day!

Try A New Workout - Honestly, sometimes just the thought of working out can make me sick! Like can I just drop my body off at the gym and pick it up when it's toned??? BUT, it is nice to try out a new type of workout class, or visit a new fitness boutique. Maybe zumba? What about trying a booty and abs workout? Pilates anyone? Do it in your living room, your fave city, wherever! Physical exercise does wonders for the body and mind. Or just jam out to your favourite tunes, and work up a sweat that way...that works too.

Retail Therapy - You know you want to! If you're budget allows it, spend some time shopping for items that will make you feel your best while wearing them, or make your life easier when using them. Then make a reso at your fave restaurant. Go solo, or maybe with some friends. Or just order in. You know what you need.

SLEEP - We all know how important sleep is, yet we aren't getting enough of it. Schedule a nap if you have to, pop in a melatonin pill, and catch up on some sleep! Your body does so much all day, every day, let it get the rest it needs.

No Place Like Home - Design your space to suit your personal style and needs. Having a pleasant, comfortable space will make coming home even more amazing, especially after a long day. I know it's hard, but try to keep your environment clutter free, messes can make it difficult for you to fully relax at home.

Go - Just go. Go for a drive, leave the city for a couple of nights, go to that new job. Whatever or wherever it is, just go! No regrets...

Starting a petition to cancel self-care Sundays; heres to self-care every damn day! Self-care is not self-indulgence, it's self-respect! Don't you forget that!


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