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Sorry, I've Got my Head in the Clouds...Literally

It's about that time to start catching flights and not feelings. Just kidding, catch all the feels AND go on a trip. If you're anything like me, not being able to travel for the past year has been extremely difficult. I legit feel like I'm going through withdrawal. But with people getting their vaccinations and travel restrictions easing up, it's time to start booking again! Below are four amazing flight deals to various parts of the world, for LATER on this year, all flying out from Toronto. The prices shown are roundtrip and include all taxes. Yea, I really did that! Flight prices change by the minute, so don't be mad at me if you click the link and the price is different! (You may have to re-enter the dates on the website) You snooze you loose!

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Friday November 12, 2021 - Wednesday November 17, 2021


I have to start with a flight in Canada. We all know how expensive it is to travel within the country, but hunny, round trip for less than $200?!?! I may have to book this flight for myself! Banff has been calling me.

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Friday September 24, 2021 - Thursday September 30, 2021


You can find me on the beach drinking a mojito with double rum.

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Saturday October 23, 2021 - Thursday October 30, 2021


Immerse yourself in a different culture in San Juan. The place really does seem magical.

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Tuesday August 10, 2021 - Saturday August 14, 2021


I had to include Montreal because it is one of my fave cities, and it's also great for the people that need a quick getaway. I live for the Montreal vibe.

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Safe travels!

- Hillaree

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