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Stop and Smell The Rosé: The Drinks You Need This Summer!

Summer has finally arrived and I couldn't be happier! Life just gets better when it's summertime. You know what also makes life better?! DRINKS! I'm about to drop some drink recommendations for Summer 2020. Drinks for going to the cotty with friends, relaxing in the backyard, or simply because it's a Tuesday. Don't worry, I've taken on the burden of trying all of these drinks myself so I can give you a true TGL review. (I know, I know, so hard getting lit for the sake of a blog post. Thank you noticing), so if you're looking for some new drinks to add into your rotation this summer keep on reading...

Barefoot Moscato & Barefoot Rosé Spritzers $3.45 250mL 5.5% - I think of these two drinks as a couple, perfectly complimenting each other. They're subtle but not too subtle, very crisp, and can be enjoyed on their own or would make a perfect base for a fun summer cocktail. They are actually delicious. Only downfall is, they are expensive for their small size. But hey, YOLO

Gaze Blueberry Pomegranate Moscato Wine Cocktail $7.95 375 mL 4.5% - This. Drink. Right. Here...Amazing. Full of flavour, this is THE perfect adult juice. Now she does have a sister (Gaze Coconut Water Moscato Chardonnay Wine Cocktail), she doesn't hit as much as the Blueberry Pomegranate one but that's also an option too. This is a low-calorie drink for the people worried about their summer bodies. Have five in a row why don't you. Go off sis...or bro.

Brickworks Ciderhouse Mint & Basil $4.25 473 mL 6.5% - Okay, I personally have not tried this drink but my good friend Lexi recommends it. Don't worry we can trust Lexi. But she also thinks 'In N Out' is good, so maybe we can't trust her... Lexi says this cider tastes very similar to a mojito and gives off major beach in a can vibes. Honestly, it doesn't sound like it can get any better than that.

Babe Rosé With Bubbles $3.95 250 mL 12% - First of all, I love how fun and playful their packaging is, second these are bomb. Wine on the go, helloooo what more do you want?! I'm not going to lie after just one of these...byeeeeee to my brain. She also has a brother, Babe Grigio, if rosé isn't your thing. May I add, this rosé is dry with a clean finish. I also love how though it is in a can, it is actually bubbly, bubbles just elevate the experience.

Good Fortune Raspberry Hibiscus $2.95 355 mL 5% - This packaging...point 1. Sweet but has just the right amount of tartness...point 2. Has a nice fizz to it...point 3. It is a beautiful pink colour, perfect for your next boomerang...point 4. All around a delish drink...point 5.

Founders Original Grapefruit Tequila Paloma $3.35 473 mL 5% - So you want a grapefruit party in your mouth? If you love citrus flavours this is for you. If you've ever had 'Ting', this is the adult version. Pour this over ice...ouuuuuu baby.

Ace Hill Lime Radler $3.15 473 mL 2.5% - This is an ultra light beer, but with the nice addition of lime it doesn't taste like the usual bread water. Sorry to my beer drinkers, I didn't mean to offend you. Okay, maybe I did, just a little though. I don't know how to explain it, but as soon as this enters your mouth it just feels right. Fruity and refreshing.

Jameson Ginger & Lime $3.00 473 mL 6% - For the people who are a little bit more hardcore, and would rather sip on hard liquor, this is a good pre. The ginger & lime makes sure you don't make that 😖 face, like you usually do after a straight shot of Jamo. This is very enjoyable and really sets the tone for a good night.

Collective Arts Artisanal Dry Gin & Soda with Grapefruit, Lemon & Thyme $2.95 355 mL 5.6% - It's time your gin and soda got an upgrade. This is it. The perfect amount of spritzy-ness, with a dash of sweetness but also with a nice herb flavour from the thyme. This could also be used as a base for a creative cocktail.

Happy drinking! Cheers to warm summer nights and great memories!


  • Must Be Legal Drinking Age

  • Please Enjoy Responsibly

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