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The Drinks You Need This Summer. 2021 Edition

This is one of my favourite blogs to write, and because I am a writer of integrity, I made sure to try out every single drink I’m about to talk about. Did you just read what I said? I tried every single one...even including the ones that didn’t make the cut. I had A LOT of drinks. If you didn’t notice, I didn’t post a blog last week because I got too lit after my taste testing and couldn’t write a sensible post 💀 But we’re back this week, sober and better than ever! Keep on reading if you want some new drinks to add into your rotation this summer!

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Georgian Bay Cranberry Gin Smash 5% alc. $3.05

Let me start off by saying that I HATE gin; it tastes like dried out water. BUT I love this drink! It’s refreshing, well flavoured, and doesn‘t get boring after the third sip.

Good Fortune Citrus Orange Flower 5% alc. $2.95

This was really love at first sip. Aromatic, light, crisp, and citrusy. *Chefs Kiss*

No Boats on Sunday Cider 5% alc. $4.95

I know the price may seem crazy for a single cider, but trust me NBOS is worth it! It's not sweet like Somersby, and it's not dry like Strongbow...It is the perfect balance. It's also quite a big bottle, so you'll definitely get your moneys worth. If you can get your hands on any of the other flavours, I'd strongly suggest you try them!

Pommies Mimosa Cider 5.5% alc. $3.60

I don't know about you, but I love me some mimosas! This is a mimosa in a can!!! You're welcome!

Bacardi Mojito 5% alc. $2.85

Think laying out on the beach, tanning, and palm trees above your head. That's the vibe this drink brings.

Pombucha - Harmony Of Cider & Kombucha 4% alc. $3.50

Cider & kombucha...who would of thought they would work together? I added this for the health conscious person in your group, that doesn't want to feel super guilty for having a drink.

Cabana Coast Moscow Mule 7% alc. $3.00

A pre-made cocktail in a can that actually tastes nice?! SIGN ME UP!

Tempo Gin Smash Strawberry Lemon 5% alc. $3.05

It's the packaging for me! Besides the packaging, I found this drink it be fruity and easy to drink!


- Hillaree 🍻

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