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Gonna Party Like It's My Birthday...Cause It Is

If you’re reading this on a Good Life Friday, that means your girls birthday is in just two days! I celebrated a week earlier this year to avoid even colder weather and any more additional Covid restrictions. It seems like each day I wake up there’s a new limitation! Keep on reading if you want some inspo on things you can do this winter or if you just want to know what I did! Don’t worry, I’m nosey too!!

Hold up, wait a minute! I think as a birthday gift, you should follow @tgood.life on Instagram! Thanks 😊

My entire birthday extravaganza went down in Collingwood, because really that's the only place that is safe to visit right now. I can truthfully say I'm so glad I ended up holding my day in Collingwood! It was absolutely perfect!

To stay on brand, I created mini goodie bags for each of my guests, filled with things they will ACTUALLY need throughout the day. And yes, you are seeing that correctly; custom labels. Very ON BRAND!

In the bags, each guest found hand and foot warmers (we were going on a hike and cold phalanges is just never the vibe), gloves (also for the hike, I was not playing any games), a mini hand sanitizer because...rona, a pack of gum, and a mini bottle of sparkling white wine with 24K gold flakes! My girls seemed to really love all the things inside, and it warmed my heart to see them use all the items in their bags!

Oh you thought I was done being extra? Never! If you know me, or even if you don't really know me personally, but you follow me on instagram...@siimplyhillaree 👀, you'll know I eat, breathe, sleep charcuterie boards. I genuinely love them. In the summer, it felt like I was eating charcuterie at least once each week. One time, my friend Lexi and I ordered an entire platter of just cheese and meat goodness, and yes we ate it all. Okay sorry, I got distracted...I just love charcuterie!

I had mini grazing boxes custom made by the wonderful team at @grazerlicious. They are actually the best, this isn't even on their menu but they made my vision come to life! They also created a vegan and nut-free box for some of my guests! Of course we have matching labels with each guests names handwritten, to give it that extra personalized touch. I gave these boxes out at the beginning of the day so everyone could have a little something to snack on throughout the day. Again, very on brand.

First Stop

The first activity of the day was yoga! We were the only ones in the class which made us all feel extra safe. We did a slow restorative yoga class, and it was very different from what I expected. There wasn't much movement, and the instructor guided our minds more-so than instructed us to do various poses. I enjoyed this change, and was so relaxed I ended up falling asleep four times! Snoring and everything!!! I was so embarrassed, like no one could have woken me up?!

Second Stop

Next, we were off to Georgian Hills Vineyards! This was a very small winery, and I had booked the barrel room so we were secluded, and again we felt very safe. The service was okay; I'm not saying it was terrible but could definitely be improved. They also have a unique and extensive wine list for being such a small winery. Other than service, we all had a blast, and their outside area is so nice for pictures! We were able to catch the sun just as it was beginning to set. Hello golden hour!

Obviously I got another charcuterie platter! #charcuterieislife

Third Stop

After drinking all that wine we were off to hike! We checked out scenic cave adventures and stumbled upon their suspension bridge. Next time we definitely have to check out the caves, but surprisingly the bridge was everything we needed. Plus the trek just to get to the bridge...CRAZY!

(I was going to include a picture of myself here by the bridge but it's honestly too embarrassing. The wine got to my face y'all! 😩)

Fourth & Final Stop

After hiking, we checked into an Airbnb and got ready together, I opened up my gifts, made a very emotional speech (AKA I cried standing on a chair for five minutes because I love my friends), took pictures, and drank more wine.

We then headed out to dinner; for some reason, finding an Uber in Collingwood is next to impossible. I made a reservation at Twist Kitchen & Cocktail in Blue Mountain Village. It was cute vibes, plus their 'threesome' drink was super tasty! Highly recommend.

What really made dinner special, was the beautiful arrangement of chocolate covered strawberries my friend Bianca surprised me with! They were so delish and so perfect looking that I didn't want to eat them...but trust me, those got ATE! She also just started on a new business venture, so hit her up for all your fruit dipped needs, I promise you wont be disappointed. Definitely The Good Life approved!


Happy birthday to me and all of the November babies out there!


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