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VaginaBusters: Debunking The Myths

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hello ladies, we are gathered here once again to talk about our beautiful clams. Today, I'm talking about some myths & questions swirling around about our cooters. How come no one wants to talk about this magical NATURAL body part?! Vagina's are part of life, we don't need to be scared to talk about them. There is so much incorrect information out there & it's time to find out the truth. Is pineapple really an aphrodisiac? Is Coca-Cola a cheap way to clean your vagina? Let's find out. Class is officially in session.

My Underwear Is Bleached, Is My Vagina Okay?! - To answer this question, yes. Your poon-tang is doing just fine. Most women will experience this and it is most definitely not a sign of being dirty. The discolouration is caused by the acid in your discharge. Discharge is normal and is part of your lady bits cleaning itself. A healthy vagina is moderately acidic, so be proud of your bleach spots! You go ahead with your healthy vajayjay! To combat this, give your undies a quick rinse when you take them off or just embrace your new tie-dye underwear.

Why Do I Have SO Much Discharge When I Wear Jeans? - To put it lightly, your skinny jeans are literally suffocating your vagina. It cannot breathe...like at all. Especially when you sit for a long period of time in your jeans...GAME OVER 💀. A fungus that is already naturally inside your body, goes by the name of Candida, and it LIVES for warm, moist environments. So let's just say Candida is living her best life when you wear your jeans. Hence, the after party mess she leaves in your undies. I'm not going to say 'don't wear jeans' because that is not realistic. What I will suggest, is not wearing jeans every single day. Wearing jeans all the time is actually pissing off your choo-cha. The denim puts pressure on the area and irritates your honey pot. Eventually it could possibly lead to a yeast infection and ain't no one have time for that.

If You Have Bacterial Vaginosis It's Because You're Dirty - This could not be farther from the truth, and I knew I had to include this myth in this post because I see so many people bashing people who have/had BV. So just stop with all that noise. What ACTUALLY causes BV is an imbalance of the good and harmful bacteria in your whoo-ha. If there is more harmful bacteria than good bacteria BV can develop. There are many factors that can disrupt the Circle of Life *cue Lion King soundtrack* and contribute to BV occurring. Such as, having multiple partners, douching (FYI coca-cola and your kitty should NEVER meet), & using those fancy vagina soaps. I totally get it's uncomfortable to smell like the set of 'The Little Mermaid', BUT it happens, you don't need to feel embarrassed about it. FYI vaginal suppositories can help with this!

Eating Pineapple Will Make You Sweeter Down There - Sorry ladies, you can put the bowl of pineapple down now. They aren't doing anything for you under there. Everyone has their own signature scent & flavour. It's time for us to own that, there's nothing wrong with how you smell or taste. And to answer the next question that popped into your head, no, aphrodisiacs are not real and are not effective in the way you think. Mind over matter my friends. We have been played by the placebo affect.

Look at us, learning more about our pink truffles. Ya love to see it.

Here's to WOMEN. We are literally magical.


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