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We're Going to Where the Money Resides 💰

Your girl is growing up, AKA I’m preparing to buy my first home! Granted, I am giving myself a few more years to accomplish this goal, but I’ve quickly realized that EVERY dollar counts. Every. Single. One. This week I’m sharing some easy saving challenges that I am completing in ADDITION to my regular savings habits. I like these challenges because you’re saving such small amounts, that you barely even notice it leaving your account. Remember every dollar counts!

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52-Week Savings Challenge

The first saving challenge will have you saving for each week of the year! Okay, don’t close the browser! It’s not as scary as it sounds, let me explain. You’re going to save a certain amount each week according to the number of the week. Still confused? Okay okay, say for example you start this challenge April 5, 2021, this will be your first week of saving so you will put $1 dollar into your savings account. On April 12, 2021, that would be your second week of saving, so you would put $2 into your savings account, and so on and so forth. By the end of the 52 weeks you’ll have an extra $1300! Just like that, easy peasy!

Monthly No-Spend Challenges

Next, create monthly no-spending challenges for yourself. Personally I live on SkipTheDishes, like I should actually be sponsored by them at this point. SkipTheDishes if you ever see this, holla at ya girl! The delivery fees and inflated restaurant prices not only hurt my feelings, but also hurt my bank account. For the month of April, my monthly no-spend challenge is that I cannot make one SkipTheDishes order! My reward is having more money in my account by the end of the month. Maybe for you it'll be not buying Starbucks three times a day! 👀

Review the Money Eaters in Your Life

Lastly, the last tip is to go through your monthly expenses and purge. Review your subscriptions, do you really need to have a subscription for Netflix, Hulu, AND Disney +? The answer is most likely no, because I highly doubt you use all of them. Just take in how much money is leaving your bank account each month for a service you barely use. Also take this time to go through any other subscriptions for services that automatically renew themselves each month. If you don't use 'em, ditch 'em, and keep that money for yourself. Periodt.

Alright, if you need to find me I'll be where the money resides.

- Hillaree

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